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Yvoire : only 20 minutes away

Yvoire, medieval and strengthened village dominates Lake Geneva. Its role of " sentinel of the Lake Geneva " was strengthened in the second half of the 13th century and the beginning of the 14th in full war

Dauphiné-Savoy. If it  resists to the middle-Age fights, the village will be partially destroyed and the castle burned during fights in the XVIth century. Ramparts, doors, ditches,  houses are the vestiges which still testify of this medieval past of the city of Yvoire.

Classified among the most beautiful villages of France, Yvoire distinguishes himself by highly-rated sound today Flowery which makes him it deserve national and European prices.

To walk to Yvoire is a real delight and The Lake Leman, in 15 minutes.